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Portland Oromo Community Association (POCA) aims to preserve the Oromo language and culture by unifying and upholding the concept of Oromummaa and serving the community needs of all the Oromo people living in Oregon. POCA encourages all community members' development and growth by providing employment services, tutoring, cultural awareness, education, health awareness, immigration assistance, and other social services.

Since the early 1990s, the Oromo community leaders have tried to make Oregon feel like home. The organization's construction was pivotal to providing the growing population with space for belonging and representation. Essentially, POCA has worked as a safe harbor for new and incoming immigrants and refugees. Aiding in locating temporary shelters with family and friends—educating immigrants and refugees in American culture, laws, English proficiency, employment, and training for entry-level jobs. 

In addition, POCA has successfully hosted various events celebrating the Oromo culture and bringing its community members together through music festivals, fashion shows, art displays, cultural food sharing, and history telling. POCA has worked with its youth to provide activities like organized sports activities, including teaching soccer, volleyball, and basketball skills. As an extension of the POCA, the Portland Qeransa FC (est. 1996) was created. This soccer team would represent the Oromo community from Oregon by playing and competing with Oromo soccer teams throughout the United States. In 2019, Oromo community members raised funds to support the team with their various expenses. In addition to financial support, some members showed their support by flying out to cheer the team on at their tournament locations. This team went on to win the Oromo Soccer Federation in North America tournament in 2019 through the active support of the community.

Want to learn how to get involved with POCA? Contact our Board of Directors today to learn more.

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